Thanks to our customers together with the Burlington Post Reader's Choice Awards it appears The Slye Fox is no longer a secret and we are ready to embrace our new found freedom. So sing it from the roof tops that The Slye Fox pub / restaurant / watering hole / melting pot of entertainment is celebrating - BIG TIME.

With a selection of over 20 different Beers 5 red and 5 white wines, a full line-up of Smirnoff Coolers and sipping Whisky's like Glendronach, Tullamore Dew, as well as Patron Tequila. Daily lunch specials and all the food you'd expect from a British Pub, you're sure to find something.

We are featuring NEW Food menus, NEW choices of Beer and NEW Bands to Entertain you. Remember, If you had a great time at the Slye Fox, its ok to tell your closest friends, your distant friends or even strangers standing in the queue at Canadian Tire. If you had a bad time, you're probably in the wrong pub... So come on over to the Slye Fox Burlington as we want to make your first visit here one of many.

Every weekend, you can catch live acts or join us every Thursday for our “Electro Thursdays” with DJ’s Adge, Hutch and Nave. Voted Burlington’s best live music 3 years running. Want a taste? Come in for a quiet dinner but stay for the entertainment.